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What Is Abuse?

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The Different Categories of Abuse

Abuse can be defined as, verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual and psychological. It is mostly experienced in early childhood but can happen at any time in life. Many may wonder why abuse happens? I happen to think it is a generational curse, passed down, in hopes the torch is passed to the next person. It is rooted in family, generations, culture and society. No one is born abusive. They are only products of abuse.

Let’s Break Down Categories of Abuse

Verbal Abuse Is:

~Verbally attacking, insulting, putting someone down, cursing someone out, name calling, tearing someone down, mocking you, making you the butt of jokes, sarcasm, etc. Instead of expressing feelings in a healthy manner, a verbally abusive person will say, “You are a loser”, “f*** you”, “I only treat you this way”, “No one will want you but me”, etc A healthy communicator will tell you how they feel.

Physical Abuse Is:

~Physical abuse is anything that involves physical touch. Overstepping boundaries, violence, horse play or uninvited touching.

Sexual Abuse Is:

~Unwarranted touching, groping, rape, or molestation.

Emotional Abuse Is:

~Controlling or manipulating someone’s emotions or feelings. It can consist of, demonizing, constant complaining, or overreacting, in attempt to make someone feel guilt or shame.

Psychological Abuse Is:

~Psychological abuse is similar to emotional abuse. The difference is, it causes one to have psychological problems and or makes an individual feel like they are going crazy. Psychological abuse consist of, crazy making, gaslighting, stress producing, anxiety provoking, elicited depression, personality issues, and splitting.

Spiritual Abuse Is:

~Spiritual Abuse is disrespecting someone’s belief, faith and or trying to force spiritual beliefs on others. It is a lack of respect for one’s spiritual path and beliefs. It is contempt, resulting in punitive behavior towards another for having a different faith. One may experience being undermined, ostracized or badgered. Spiritual abuse may consist of, forcefulness, threats, alienation, micro aggressions, condescension about another’s faith, insults and blatant disrespect.

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