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Dating Tips

The Male Code (Understanding The Male Brain) Many women desire to learn about the male psyche and I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because times have changed. At one time, it was traditional for a man to ask the father to court daughter. If the father approved, the two courted for marriage. Yes, “courting” was a …

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Narcissistic Personality Explained

Narcissism vs NPD   Before describing The actual disorder, I want to be clear that, a person can have narcissism, but not have diagnosable traits for the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Putting one’s self first, taking care one’s needs, having high esteem, self-preservation are examples of healthy narcissism. Unhealthy narcissism consists of, self-importance, self-centered attitude, grandiosity, …

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Psychotic Disorders (Know the difference between Delusions and Hallucinations)

What Is A Psychosis? Delusions; hallucinations; disorganized thinking and disoriented speech describe the criteria for a diagnosis of psychosis. Abnormal behavior such as catatonic behavior is another symptom associated with schizophrenia disorder. According to A Resource Guide to Psychiatry (2018), psychosis is a symptom, versus an illness. Psychosis refers to a loss of contact and …

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