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Dark Empaths

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What Are Dark Empath Personalities? 


   Before discussing what a dark empath is, let us first define what a empath is.  An empath is a person who can pick up on the thoughts feelings and needs of others, ultimately, taking on that persons disposition, as if it is their own thoughts, feelings, and needs. While empath and empathy are often confused, they are not the same. Empathy is about putting yourself in another’s shoes, in order to understand where they are coming from, whereas, an empath takes on the energy and burdens of another, as if it is their own. Prophecy is a form of of being an empath but with an emphasis on seeing past, present and future.

Now that we have defined what an empath is, let’s talk about dark empaths, also known as closeted, narcissists. Some might ask, how do you know if you are a dark empath? Dark empaths don’t necessarily lack empathy ,however, they have a Calculating way of experiencing empathy, which is expressed in a cognitive way versus an Emotional Way. Their goal is to exploit another’s downfall or weaknesses, to benefit from it.  Carl Jung describes people with this tendency as possessing, external intuition. External intuition is something that Narcissists borderlines and sociopaths access, in order to dominate and manipulate their victims, whereas discernment, prophecy, and intuition is an internal gift that comes from God. Dark Empaths are no different. They possess the same external intuition, which allows them the ability to sense and connect with their victims feelings, thinkings and needs, but as previously stated, it is done in a calculated manner.

Now let’s get into, what causes a dark empath?

Dark Empaths may pretend to care and use empathetic language, but deep inside, they are doing so just to get their needs met, for example they may ask how you’re doing just so they can revert back to themselves or they may pretend to care about you, your family and your whereabouts, to gauge so that they can get you to return the favor back to them, which is also a form of altruistic narcissism. Dark empaths can be very dangerous because on one hand, they can be kind and supportive, but on the other hand, they can be callous or manipulative because they’re so called compassion is transactional. Dark empaths never reveal their true intentions. They pose as friends lovers, but they are truly either Frenemies, fake friends or fake lovers. Dark empaths are known for motivating people to reach a goal and discussing matters close to the heart. They use their charms to exploit and manipulate. They are proud and have a low tolerance for feedback and criticism and will accuse you of beating up their character and/or manipulate you into thinking it’s your fault, and this harsh response can happen over the smallest issue that could easily be resolved. Truth of the matter is, Dark Empaths are not in relationships/friendships for the sake of unity and love. It is about them being preoccupied with healing or getting their needs met.

How Do Dark Empaths Come Across? 

They may come across nice and kind but they are more than likely intellectualizing empathy. It is a learned behavior, not something stemming from the heart. They may be hard to detect, but you can easily spot them by understanding that you cannot fake authenticity, nor empathy. Trust your gut. You can feel when someone cares. Know thyself, otherwise others may benefit from your dysfunction. If you would like to listen more to what I have to say pertaining to topics like this please check out my podcast

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