Psychological Solutions

Dr. Chiaku Hanson, Psy.D

I am Dr. Chiaku Hanson. Firstly, I am a woman of God. Secondly, I have earned a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology , from the Los Angeles campus of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

In addition to holding a Doctoral degree, I have a certificate in Psychoanalytic theory, through New Center for Psychoanalysis. I am also a certified life coach. Though I am a Los Angeles native, my education hails from the Southern and Eastern regions. I began my undergraduate studies at Norfolk State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology before relocating to Washington, D.C. , earning my Master’s of Psychology. I completed my Pre Doctoral training in child analysis, with a focus on families and parent coaching.
My Post Doctoral/Residency hours were earned at a psychoanalytic outpatient center, focusing on adults. At the tail end of my Doctoral studies, I studied abroad, in Zurich Switzerland, focusing on Carl Jung (Spiritual Psychoanalysis & Addictions).

My Doctoral Dissertation focused on Transcendence of the ego and that is how I practice. I do not offer therapy/ traditional therapy. I offer an ego transcendental experience of reaching the higher self, through the removal of psychological wounds, defenses and adopted false beliefs. I do this by helping one connect to their true self, life meaning, purpose, in order to enhance their quality of life. I focus on helping bring awareness to the unconscious, as it relates to decision making and repeated negative patterns, through psychoanalysis, dream interpretation and life coaching. I coach people to address unresolved conflict, so as to transcend beyond the ego to higher self. I am a spirit, mind and body practitioner, providing whole self treatment. I can help you clear the blocks, attract your desired life and release old behavioral patterns that are no longer useful. I specialize in results.

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