Upon graduating with Doctorate in Psychology, I decided I wanted to do more than traditional therapy, and administering assessments. I then thought long and hard about the needs of society, as it pertains to the field of psychology. I realized then, people need more than weekly therapy. Some people are not a good fit for therapy and some people are desiring more, such as, reading psychological articles, being psycho educated, cognitive work, coaching, career counseling and spiritual counseling and pep talks. I then decided to provide counseling, coaching and chat sessions. How many times have you wanted to ask Psychologist a question, without having to book a session? How many times have you been under stress, due to, wedding, family reunion, date night, traveling, work presentation, etc and desired to chat with a Psychologist? Have you ever sought career services and found zero results? How many times have you desired a counseling session without having to commit to weekly sessions? Well, my services are designed to provide an around the clock service, where you can access help when you need it most. All services are reasonably priced. You can book a session, chat live with a Doctor of Psychology or ask a question and receive a psychologically minded answer. If relationships are your focus, you can even purchase ‘The Male Code’ book and download it to your computer or phone. See services “click here

The field of psychology has not addressed spiritual matters, therefore, when the average person seeks spiritual counsel, they are lead to church or pastoral guidance. When a person seeks psychological help, they are lead to a psychologist or therapy. What happens when a person is seeking both, spiritual and psychological answers, simultaneously? My site is designed, to address the whole self of Spirit and Mind. The site was designed keeping the needs of others in mind, so that the outlet to discuss spiritual matters and psychological issues are welcomed. Transcendence of emotional wounds are the ultimate goal.

This site is an around the clock psychological services, such as blogs, ebooks, office sessions, online chat service, Skype sessions, and phone sessions for those seeking psychological answers, coaching, cognitive behavioral support and answers to pivotal questions.

Chiaku Hanson

Hi, I am Chiaku Hanson. I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. In addition to that, I have obtained my Master's and Bachelor in psychology. I focus on the spirit (Transpersonal) and (underlying issues) mind and (somatic issues) body.

My skills consist of discernment (intuition) and psychological education. I started blogging about the male psyche 10 years ago, which lead to my book “The Male Code”. I then began blogging for Huffington Post. I am now focused on providing counseling and coaching services.

Adults, Adolescents, and families are my primary focus.

My dissertation focused on the transcendence of the ego in psychotherapy. Life can be good, but life can also be hard. Stress, depression, trauma, career problems, relationship, and family issues leave our egos bruised and in need of relief. One can develop defenses to tolerate emotional damage but what happens when you heal your wounds is called transcendence. No matter how I work with clients, my goal is, transcendence, transformation and higher self for each individual.

Certified in Psychoanalysis.