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I am Dr. Chiaku Hanson and I am a woman of Faith, having earned a Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree , from the Los Angeles campus of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. 

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Faith Based Counseling

Spiritual counseling is under a Christian focused model. Spiritual warfare is very real and the only way to truly denounce strongholds is by understanding spiritual law and decoding spiritual mysteries. Overcoming trauma, abuse and releasing defenses, which are used in aiding a false self, is the catalyst to transcending ego and embracing one’s true self, the GOD self. I focus on getting to the root of your problem, through decoding the issue, to help you gain an understanding.

Parent Coaching

Being a parent is one of the hardest and most important jobs you will ever have. Parenting can be difficult, especially if you’re a single parent or if you have a complicated child. Knowing the right parenting style, according to your child’s needs and your family system, is important. With my background in child analysis, Family systems, Family counseling and parent coaching; my expertise in parenting can help to transcend your situation today.

Life Coaching

Traditional therapy is not the right approach for all. Some people are simply not ready for a deeper process. Sometimes, you would rather have guidance and focus on setting isolated goals, to achieve quick results. Your average life coach has only a life coaching certificate. The difference between me and your average life coach is, my spiritual background and my mental health education. I hold a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and I have a extensive clinical background in psychoanalysis. I have a certificate in adult psychoanalysis, as well as, a certification in life coaching.

How I work: I do not offer traditional therapy. I offer an ego transcendental experience of reaching the higher self, through the removal of psychological wounds, defenses and adopted false beliefs. I do this by helping one connect to their true self, life meaning and purpose, in order to enhance their quality of life. I focus on helping bring awareness to their unconscious, as it relates to decision making and repeated negative patterns, through psychoanalysis and dream interpretation. I coach people to address unresolved conflict, so as to transcend beyond the ego to higher self. I am a spirit, mind and body practitioner. I can help you clear the blocks, attract your desired life and release old behavioral patterns that are no longer useful. I specialize in results. Work with me and transform your life with my eclectic approach.

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